8 AI and Bot Facts Not to Be Missed

Let’s get to the point quick. Chatbots have made their place in the tech world and if you are in search of a simpler explanation on the chatbot, here’s what this new found wonder is all about, “A chatbot is a virtual assistant which helps you find information, remember information or even purchase material. From Apple’s Siri to Google’s Assistant, these are all powered by machine learning and rely on AI to learn and figure out what is needed. Apps that allow businesses and brands to provide 24/7 customer support and involve themselves in customer engagement; chatbots of these apps are only capable of interacting with users by following certain pre-programmed rules.

Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is commonly known, is as per Wikipedia’s description “s Intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans and other animals.” Well AI is a lot more than what seemed to have been made concise in these two sentences and sci-fi’s. Here’s our take on 8 AI and BoT facts that can tweak your ideas into it possibilities:

1. Approximately 1.4 Billion People Use Messaging Apps and are willing to talk to Chatbots: According to a study conducted by BI Intelligence, the top four messaging apps are bigger than the top four social networking sites and more than 1.4 billion people used them in the year 2016. It is estimated that by 2019, more than 27 percent of the world population will be using such apps and conversing with chatbots. In fact, a recent survey also found that about 63 percent of people would opt to enter into a conversation with chatbots while trying to connect with a business or a brand. They would use chatbots to obtain “quick emergency answers.”

2. People want to reach out to Retailers via Chat: Customers and other enthusiasts prefer connecting with a concerned business over chat or any other messaging app. They prefer it precisely 29 times over the traditional method. This happens especially while making purchases. More people are likely to contact a retailer via phone or use a chatbot than sending an email and awaiting a response via snail mail.

3. By 2029 it wouldn’t be possible to set chatbots apart from humans: Google predicted that chatbots will have a near human-level lingual ability by 2029. This makes it possible for end consumers or anybody trying to connect have a meaningful conversation with a chatbot. Connecting with a chatbot wouldn’t feel any different from connecting with a human. The Chinese market has been favorable towards Chatbots. An average length of conversation between Xiaoice, a popular chatbot, and an average Chinese citizen is about 24 conversations per session (CPS). This CPS is way beyond the average CPS of either 1.5 or 2 that other Chatbots achieve.

4. Consumers want recommendations from Chatbots: A study conducted by a group of tech enthusiasts found that about 39 percent of all consumers and 48 percent millennials are open to receiving recommendations or advice from chatbots. From retail store products to hotels and travel plans as well as fashion and pharmacy products, chatbots are needed by consumers almost everywhere.

5. AI is the undisputed future of transport: The ultimate lever lies in the hands of artificial intelligence when one talks about AI and transport. In the times to come, transport will rely on artificial intelligence to recognize and adapt to driving conditions and behavior. Some countries have also started to test these by letting tech teams test them on patches.

6. The Social Media race: Can you imagine two major social media platforms raging war using AI.Well, there is an artificial intelligence arms race heating up between social media giants Facebook and Twitter. Both these companies match people to relevant material on their respective sites. Google has become a pioneer in perfecting the use of AI.

7. Artificial Intelligence to real-time assistants: The level of interaction you share with your AI is way more than you think. They are personalized assistants on your cell phones. Siri or Cortana; these are your virtual managers and from managing your office work to finding the movie timings for your flick on a Friday evening, from searching for weather forecasts to the nearest gas station, they cover you all and the level of interaction only seems to improve.

8. Quantum Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing: Our times ahead undeniably is intertwined with artificial intelligence and it goes ahead from this very point to what surpasses a human being’s ability to do many things. Most importantly how it works towards improving our lives. This is the promise of Quantum Artificial Intelligence. This would harness artificial intelligence for advanced cures and for many other scientific work proportions.

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Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are yet to reach their potential and though yet to reach their penultimate, these are giving the tech world the adrenaline rush to extract the best out of them.

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