80 Chatbot Ideas for Enterprise Bots

Bot or not?

Do you have Chatbot product ideas? I do have them sometimes.
I made a little list below to drive you to ideate as well. Probably, some of these ideas are implemented already, but we always can do better!

  1. Interview process management bot. Helps you to organize and manage interview person for a candidate.
  2. A new candidate notification bot that monitors your connected systems and let you know that you’ve got a new job submission. For example, a submission via Linkedin or using Smartrecruiters
  3. Job offer approval bot. Orchestrates job offer approval processes with the right people in the correct order.
  4. Skill matrix bot that helps organize and keep up to date employees skill matrixes. Who can do what and at what level?
  5. Job interview scheduling that finds right people, place and works with a candidate to pull everything together.
  6. Interview feedback collector bot that lets people provide easy feedback about a candidate as well as follows up if somebody forgot.
  7. Job candidate hunting chatbot that helps you to find and manager candidates using multiple data sources and a chat platform.
  8. Job advertisement performance monitoring and alerting with graphics.
  9. Claim your money back bot. Make your expense report easy.
  10. Collect 360 degrees and other forms of feedback easily.
  11. Salary benchmarking inside and outside a company.
  12. New person onboarding bot. Helps a person to find the right things, complete tasks in the best order etc.
  13. Relocation bot that helps a person that just moved countries to find a buddy, get help and organize things.
  14. Job satisfaction bot that collects, aggregates and reports job satisfaction by employees.
  15. Company financial performance monitoring bot.
  16. Stock monitoring bot.
  17. Kudos bot that helps you say a bigger thank you and organizes delivery.
  18. Karma collector bot that collects your karma and encourages people to help others in a gamified way. @disturbedleo++
  19. Lunch train chatbot that helps your jump on a lunch train or organizes one yourself.
  20. Meeting scheduling bot. Finds a room that feets everybody in their free time.
  21. Meeting avoidance chatbot does everything to help you avoid meetings and have more deep work.
  22. Vacation assistant helps you to update all systems that you are away, set up autoresponders, change presences, remind you to write a holiday report etc.
  23. Conference organization chatbot helps find the right people inside a company to help you with a conference or attend it together.
  24. Team playbook bot provides you team plays to solve issues.
  25. Project management assistance.
  26. User testing bot that helps you find users to test a particular design or feature.
  27. Social media monitoring bot.
  28. SEO monitoring bot (position tracking, SEO rankings etc).
  29. Competitor monitoring (just in case).
  30. Budget monitoring chatbot helps you set and monitor a budget. Would be cool if it connects to systems that report expenses, so it is fully automated.
  31. Lead generation bot that finds you potential leads and works with Salesforce.
  32. Analytics monitoring (Google analytics and similar).
  33. Translation bot that helps you translate between languages. Would be cool if it does it on the fly.
  34. Legal reviews assistant.
  35. Company public facts database bot that helps you remember them and monitors internal and external system for non-compliance.
  36. PCI, PII messages monitoring.
  37. Message statistics collector and reporting. Maybe somebody is chatting too much. What is too much? Yes, there are many questions to answer.
  38. Standup bot that helps your team to organize a standup.
  39. Notifications bot. Something happened somewhere and you may want to know about this. You may also query those systems with it.
  40. An incident optimizer that helps overcome a production incident more organized and faster.
  41. Travel Organizer. What if I want to fly with colleagues, but not stay with them :)
  42. Autoresponder that can handle some preset things answers and help others to live without you.
  43. Build notification. OK, software builds never fail, but when they do you may want to know and fix them.
  44. Production alerting.
  45. Stack overflow monitoring. You may follow a label or topic or even your company.
  46. Code quality monitoring assistant to keep your lads in shape.
  47. 1-on-1 chatbot that helps keep on track things to chat in your 101 and makes sure to follow up after.
  48. Motivation and inspirational chatbot. Sometimes we need to put some quotes in a presentation.
  49. A voting bot that lets your team make a decision without leaving a chat window.
  50. Team weather chatbot that follows up with your team about mood and reports aggregated data back.
  51. Book club bot helps to discuss books, support your views or remind you the most interesting things.
  52. Giffy. Everybody likes cats, but me.
  53. Workflows. Your team may need to organize some things.
  54. Cross-systems search bot. Where is that file? Is it on Google Drive, Dropbox or Confluence?
  55. Decisions and actions assistant that helps your team track decisions and actions.
  56. Coffee bot. Let’s preorder some coffee so we don’t need to queue.
  57. Best articles to read on a particular subject(s).
  58. Software quality questionnaires made to improve quality processes easier and smother.
  59. CSS/Javascript/whatever bot that can help beginners find things, get to know things, test knowledge.
  60. Healthy lunch chatbot helps you and your team eat healthier.
  61. Silence reminder. OK, probably for Alexa only. “Please shut up everybody, Leo is working!”
  62. Retrospectives assistant.
  63. Expert finder helps you get to somebody who may provide you with some expertise.
  64. Bot blamer that helps you to blame people. For what? It doesn’t matter, does it? Don’t be surprised if it blames you more than everybody else.
  65. Birthday reminder and present idea generator.
  66. Deployment or continuous deployment automation bots (DevOps).
  67. Networking mate that randomly schedules lunches or coffee with people you don’t know or may have common interests.
  68. “Remind somebody else bot”.
  69. Mindfulness bot helps you and your team to be mindful.
  70. Social club chatbot helps you organize poker games, table or chess competitions.
  71. Pay for lunch bot help your track, split bills or make one person pay this time.
  72. Physical activities reminder randomly selects an exercise and asks you to do it.
  73. Pomodoro bot marks your status busy when you work.
  74. Quotation chatbot gets you related quotes.
  75. Department KPI reporting and monitoring chatbot.
  76. Grammar correction bot (Grammarly for chat).
  77. Depression/laziness fellow helps you to cope with laziness at work.
  78. Disturbed bot tells who is disturbed (automatically switches channel disturbed accordingly to a schedule).
  79. On-call bot automatically switches the person on call or pages them.
  80. Word monitoring chatbot.

What ideas do you have? Please feel free to write them in comments below.