How We Used A Chatbot & A Video To Hire An Amazing Project Manager In 7 Days

A few months ago my Project Manager resigned & gave me 1 week notice.

That lit a fire in me, because without a Project Manager my weekly workload would increase about 500%.

I had no interest in working 5x more, so I decided I’d have a new, high quality Project Manager up and running in 1 week.

I don’t know if you’ve hired people before, but that’s an extremely short deadline to create a job offer, advertise it, collect and sift through applications, interview, and hire the right person.. (then you have to onboard them too!)

I didn’t want to spend any money on getting exposure for the job post, mostly because I knew I didn’t have to, but getting attention for our job offer was going to be another challenge in and of itself, as it is for many companies that are recruiting.

This is where the video comes into play.

Because the thing I did have in my favor was that I run an animation company and a chatbot agency.

Here’s what I did to hire a project manager in 7 days

Step 1. Created the job offer and a short, 30 second animated video for social media to go with it.

Step 2. Created a chatbot that took all the candidates and filtered them after a series of yes/no questions.

Step 3. Only read qualified applications thanks to the chatbot, and saved myself time as I picked out the top 5 for interviews

Step 4. Interviewed and hired a great PM.

Let’s look a little closer at step 1 and 2.

Step 1 — creating the job post & getting free exposure

Step 1 is important. Most companies don’t use video at all, and especially not in their recruiting process. Why use video?

Simple: they reach more people organically than any other type of post. For that reason we knew it was important to create a short, punchy animated video like we do for our clients, but for our job post instead.

Socialbakers reported in 2015 (I know I wish I had newer data), that native Facebook video reached 8.7% organically whereas an image post reached 3.7%.

Imagine that: with an audience of 1000 people, your native video will be seen by 87 people and if you posted your job with just an image only 37 people would even see the post.

You can watch the video on Facebook here.

The video we posted on our FB Page

Once the video was posted on Facebook we needed a chatbot to sift through applicants. Everyone had to go through the bot and answer a series of questions in order to even get to the application form.

Step 2 — creating the chatbot

The reason I trust my bot to qualify candidates is that I’ve realized one thing about recruiting, especially in the early stages of the funnel. Recruiting is about finding deal breakers as quickly as possible in order to eliminate candidates that will never work out, no matter how qualified they might be for the job itself.

One example of a candidate that actually did make it to the interview round, that shouldn’t have, was a woman who was moving to Los Angeles.

My animation business is in Sweden and having that time difference would simply not work with our clients.

If my bot would’ve asked “Will you be in the GMT time zone (+/- 3 hours)?

She would have answered no, and never even been given the opportunity to fill out the application form.

As far as the bot goes it was very simple.

We setup 8 yes or no questions that would give the candidates the link to apply for the job.

Those 8 questions were:

#1 — This job is a halftime position. Does that work for you?

#2 — We don’t have an office, everyone works wherever they want. Does that work for you?

#3 — Are you great with computers, and quick to respond?

#4 — Can you start working immediately?

#5 — Are you ridiculously pleasant, and like to have contact with plenty of clients and colleagues?

#6 — Can you solve problems on your own?

#7 — The job pays $22 per hour. Does that work for you?

#8 — Can you handle many balls in the air at the same time? Sometimes we might have 20 projects going on at once.

If they answered all those questions the way we wanted, the next message included a link to apply for the job using a simple google form.

“How did you get people to apply for the job without spending ANY money on advertising?”

The bot itself was triggered in 2 different ways.

Anyone that commented on the original video on our FB Page would get a message from the bot.

But we also knew from the start that our strategy to get this video out there without spending any money on advertising would be to share it in different Facebook groups for job seekers, and the comment trigger would not work on the shared posts, only the original post.

For this reason we made sure to add a link to trigger the bot in the post itself, that way anyone could enter the bot regardless of where we posted the video on Facebook.

  • We had 40 people interact with the bot.
  • 16 people applied for the job
  • We interviewed 5 people
  • We did a second round interview with 2 people
  • And we hired 1 person 7 days after starting

One important thing to add is that our hire was great and is currently working with us everyday.

We also think this is a big opportunity for the recruiting industry in order to stay on top of social recruiting. Working with video gives a better organic reach, and chatbots can save time on the qualifying process.

Combining video and chatbots can save the recruiting industry millions of dollars in time spent on finding and qualifying applicants.

This post is just another example of how we can use chatbots to help different business operations run smoothly and make our lives easier.

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