The Top 5 Online Tutorials To Learn Amazon Alexa Skills Development

Resources for beginners and intermediates to start building Alexa skills.

Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Now are voice-activated personal assistants, one of the hottest trends in technology these days. They are a great way to convey complex information to your customers in a free-flowing conversational way.

Alexa is an AWS service for building conversational interfaces for Echo, FireTV and a host of Alexa-aware devices. These are the best online tutorials that will teach you building skills on Amazon devices in few hours. You do not need to have any development or AWS experience.

1. Comprehensive Alexa Skill Development course 2017

This course teaches how to develop Alexa skills using Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) , add custom Skills to your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot , Echo Show devices and publish skills to Alexa Skill Store. It shows development of Alexa Skills using AWS Lambda function or Web Service as an end point. It also includes tutorial on create skills using account linking feature of Alexa Skills Kit, so that developer can link Alexa user with use in their system.

The course also covers automated testing of Alexa Skills using Mocha test framework or Python Unit test framework, how to access external APIs from your Alexa Skills, how to access external database like AWS, dynamo DB from your Alexa Skill to store per user information, how to setup your local environment and AWS CLI to automate the process of uploading Alexa Skills from your local machine and use of Flask-Ask framework to develop Alexa Skills.

2. Alexa Development For Absolute Beginners

Learn how to create Skills on Amazon’s Alexa with no programming experience necessary. Customize your Amazon Echo today. The course start by showing you how to build your own Amazon Alexa device using a Raspberry Pi 3. Witht this course, you will learn how to use SSML (Synthesis Speech Markup Language) and how to use Audacity to create your own interactive stories with sound effects. I shows how to use Node.JS, Amazon Web Services, and other core AWS services such as Lambda, Dynamo DB, S3 etc.

3. Amazon Alexa Development: From Beginner to Intermediate

To learn how to create and publish Alexa Skills, understand voice UI, and be comfortable with AWS and Alexa Skills Kit, this course is great start. With this course learn to create multiple Alexa Skills related to Twitter, Wikipedia, fitness routines, calculator, sending texts etc. and get understanding on the basics of VUI design. By creating this skill, you understand the basics of creating a working Voice User Interface (VUI). You will learn publish Alexa skill and understand how to use AWS Lambda and Alexa Skills by doing along with tutorial.

4. Building Voice Apps Using Amazon Alexa

This tutorial teaches to build smooth voice-activated apps for Echo and other Alexa-aware devices. It also shows how to design and build sound interaction models for your Alexa skills and implement robust fulfillment models using AWS Lambdas. It explains voice and text interfaces and current trends in human-computer interaction. It helps to understand how Alexa, Lex, Echo and the other bits of the Amazon ecosystem come together. Learn about interaction models including Utterances, intents, slots, prompts and their resolution into API calls etc. and fulfillment models using AWS Lambdas to fulfill user intents, and how AWS lambdas provide smooth, no-ops, auto-scaling code endpoints.

5. Introduction to Voice Design with Amazon’s Alexa

This is an short video tutorials explains about Amazon Echo and the Alexa Voice Service. With this tutorial, you will be able to build your first voice app using the Alexa Skills Kit and AWS Lambda. It also teaches the best practices for voice design. Learn how to build natural user interfaces with this tutorial.

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6. Creating Amazon Alexa Skills Without Coding Using Storyline

YouTube tutorial of amazon Alexa explains in detail how to create an Alexa skill without any development. The software behind the tutorial, Storyline, is a new startup which promises to make Alexa skills creation easy for non-tech people. It also has a bunch of other tutorials on their channel, along with tips & tricks about Amazon Alexa skills development that It posts to Storyline Community on a daily basis.

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