Online Courses For Bot Development

Resources for beginners and intermediates to start building your bot today.


Udemy offers many good courses (offered in several languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese) for learning about bot development. Below, I have listed several of the best ones.

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Tutorials In English

  1. Build Incredible Chat Bots: The most comprehensive and complete bot developer course. Build & deploy chat bots for fun, business, and enterprise.
  2. How to Build Chat Bots: From Beginner to Intermediate: Learn how to build bots on Slack, Facebook Messenger, Smooch, Twilio, and more.
  3. Learn How To Build A Slack Bot Using Node JS: Learn the basic concepts and functions that you will need to build a slackbot with the popular programming language node.js.
  4. Chatbots for Multiple Platforms with No Coding: Build chatbots for Facebook, Slack, Skype, KiK, Telegram and others. Go from simple to complex chatbots with no coding.
  5. Bot Building Basics: Use the Microsoft Bot Framework to build your very own bot, NO Coding required. Your bot will be connected to the outside world through SMS text messaging so you will be able to share your bot with other people. This course will also give you some ideas and examples of other types of bots you may wish to create in the future.
  6. How to Make a Facebook Chatbot in 1 Hour: Create a Parrot Bot. This course is a step-by-step guide in building a chat bot for Facebook Messenger.
  7. Create & Monetize your Facebook Messenger bot like pro: A complete guide on how to create and monetize your Facebook Messenger Bot using Foursquare API.
  8. Build a bot on ChatFuel for Facebook Messenger: Learn how to build a bot for Facebook Messenger in a step-by-step guide. No coding is required.
  9. Build an AI Twitter Bot Powered with IBM Watson: Create a social media bot in Google Sheets powered by cloud-based Artificial Intelligence. NO Coding Required. Create a Twitter bot powered by IBM’s cloud cognition technology that is able to understand which Tweets are relevant to you, filter them from all the Tweets around a topic, and present them to you through Google Sheets.
  10. Build a bot on ChatFuel for Telegram: Learn how to build a bot for Telegram in a step by step guide. No coding is required.
  11. Messenger Chatbot with API.AI and Node.JS: Use API.AI to train chatbots to answer questions and have dialogs.
  12. Sell Your Expertise by AI Chatbot — Basic Concepts: Core concepts to help you build a chatbot effectively and affordably with your selected AI software developers.
  13. Ultimate Facebook Chatbot Course: Talk to A Billion Users!: Learn how to create intelligent Facebook chat bots, from beginner to advanced. The most sought-after skill in today’s world!
  14. Build a personal chatbot for Fb Messenger: Step-by-step guide on how to build a chatbot for personal Facebook page. No coding required.
  15. Build chatbot using Api Ai: This course is intended for beginners with basic computer skills. No coding or specific technical skills are required. The course is designed in such a way that it would walk through the different topics in the form of videos and short articles. Each concept is well explained with help of illustrations.

Tutorials in Spanish and Portuguese

1.Crear BOT de Vigilancia de Telegram con Raspberry Pi [Spanish] : En este curso se creará un Bot de Telegram para poder controlar una cámara de videovigilancia conectada a una Raspberry Pi. Todo ello de manera ‘low cost’ y siendo accesible y multiplataforma!!! Lo controlaremos todo desde nuestro smartphone, tablet o PC.

2. Aprende a Crear un BOT y Simplifica tu vida [Spanish] : Este curso va enfocado a youtubers o personas en general que deseen crear un BOT que realice por su cuenta clciks o movimientos en cualquier pagina web ( youtube, adiphy, etc). Sin necesidad de conocimientos en Programación ni de ninguna otra clase de conocimientos informáticos. Puedes usar sistemas operativos tales como Windows 7,8.1,10, IOS, Ubuntu Linux. Con la instalación de el leguaje de programación Python y el editor de texto Sublime text 3 podrás hacerlo en 30 minutos.

3. TRADER BOT: Introducao a Linguagem MQL5 [Portuguese] : Curso básico sobre a linguagem de programação MQL5. A Linguagem MetaQuotes 5 (MQL5) é a linguagem de programação integrada para o desenvolvimento de estratégias para negociações automatizadas.


Botconsult will help you create chatbots on Facebook Messenger, no programming experience required. It is a paid course. Not only will you learn how to design and create them without needing programming experience, but I’ll also share my consulting workflow for using these skills to sell to businesses.

Featured course: “Become a Chatbot Consultant — Foundations” offered by Cameron Jenkinson.

This course is for:

  • Freelancers & Consultants
  • Marketing Managers
  • Designers & Developers
  • Entrepreneurs

In this course he will teach you:

  • How to consult with clients to understand their business need
  • How to create Chatbots on Facebook Messenger
  • How to design rich experiences using UX Plans
  • How to improve your skills and get involved in the bot community

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