Your Data Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself…

Millenials and gen Zers are happy to share everything about themselves. We share even the most personal data as long as we are increasingly compensated with a personalised experience.

Dr Ana Canhoto from Brunel University calls this “the cognitive side of trust.” here.

So, how can we harness this data to give ourselves the ultimate personalised experience?

Just some of your data that is in the cloud.

Imagine you could clone yourself… Imagine that clone had only one job, to be your assistant. Imagine that this clone was not a physical person, but an AI, made up of every piece of data that you have ever shared. Your emails, your social, your banking history, your IOT, your health data and doctors records, your photos, your browsing history, your location — everywhere you have ever been, your flights, trains, ubers, hotels and Airbnbs.

All of this data is out there in the cloud, right now, it is just not connected…yet.

Over the next few days I am going to be investigating how this kind of connected data could become useful to us, looking at specific applications such as holidays, insurance, retail and health & wellbeing.

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